Euphoric Vortex

Gaming moments can be better.

About us

We are a friendly video game maker group willing to deliver deep emotions and pleasing social moments.

Our purpose

We’re a friendly entrepreneur group with a business project aimed at casual players. We want to present you memorable experiences, either through touching stories or pleasing social moments.

We consider that video games are the perfect media to promote social and family integration, specially with cooperative games. Likewise, we plan on captivating you with an enjoyable perceptual experience and challenges that allow development of brain and dexterity skills.

You are our priority, as we all have been on the other side and we want to treat you just like we would like to be treated.

The team

Daniel F. image

Daniel F.

Visual Artist

When you need something done, this man has the disposition to do what it takes to finish it on time with superb quality.

Juan José L. image

Juan José L.

Visual Artist

A child in his heart with the best professionalism you'll ever encounter, he's got the accuracy to produce amazing artwork while cheering your day up.

Juan Carlos N. image

Juan Carlos N.


He develops code and music, handles finance stuff, manages the projects and does the boring stuff for you.

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